A Week in the Incredibly Boring Life

I had this stupid idea that it might be fun to do a day in the life kind of post. When I decided to do this, I hadn’t realized how unbelievably boring my life actually is. But, like I said last week, I am struggling to find new and interesting things to write about, so you get this. Sucks to be you I guess. Enjoy my super boring life!

Day 1 – Wednesday

I went to work. I always go to work during the day. Because I am responsible. Fuck I hate being responsible.

I posted my newest blog entry, which is sadly, the highlight of any given Wednesday for me. This week I was thrilled because my blog got a whopping 15 views in 1 day, and I got 7 likes on today’s post. *facepalm* Suddenly I realize that this blog will most likely never make me any form of income. How do some of you fuckers get famous doing this shit?

Held captive in the condo due to poor weather conditions, (fuck the weather in Canada. Seriously.) I set up shop on the couch after work. I ate a taco (not a euphemism, also, not technically Mexican) and watched Arrested Development while painting my toe nails in my favorite football team’s colors. (Go team spirit!)

As the wind blew outside my window and the thunder boomed I was bored shitless, all alone. Very alone. Incredibly alone. Damn Lucy and her having friends and a social life!! Then, out of the blue, I heard from Shamus again. He is coming to Lakeview in a couple weeks and would like to “hang out”. I have no idea what he means by that.

Day 2 – Thursday

Work went well, Thursdays are usually the day each week that the children I work with decide to collectively go out of their motherfucking minds, but today went quite well. It was nice.

Then football. Oh boy, the football. Anybody who knows me in real life knows that football, specifically the CFL (Canadian Football League – yeah, we got one of those!) is my world from June to November. Yesterday was the 2nd (and last) pre season game, and the regular season officially kicks off in a week. To those who follow me on the twitter (@dating_olivia) I apologize for any and all football related tweets between now and the end of November. Actually, no, I’m not sorry, fuck you, I’ll tweet what I want and the CFL is awesome. Moving on….

So tonight I had tickets to the game. The game was awesome. We lost, but it was still an awesome game. My province is fairly football obsessed, and our team is a huge point of pride for a good portion of the population. Our team hasn’t been the most successful in the CFL’s 101 years, that’s for damn sure, but it has the most dedicated fan base. (This by the way, is the probably the biggest clue I could possibly give to anyone wondering what part of Canada I live in)

Day 3 – Friday

My 20 year old co-worker gushed to me that her boyfriend of only two months put a surprise reminder in her phone for this morning that told her he loved her.

I resisted the strong urge I had to punch her really hard in the face.

My work here is done.

Day 4 – Saturday

I woke up early, after staying up late watching Arrested Development. My only other source of entertainment last night was texting with Shamus, who I have heard from every day since Tuesday night. Still not sure what to think about that situation but I am glad we are talking again. He said he was too. So I guess there’s that.

Right now I am going shopping with Lucy, hoping to spend some time with Annie and Trey later today, and possibly meet a new guy off the dating site tonight or tomorrow. I’ve lost a bit of motivation to date seeing as though the one guy I was hoping to meet is technically no longer living in the province, and doesn’t know when he will be back next for us to meet. Drat. Seems as if nothing is lining up when it comes to my love life.

And if I see one more motherfucking status update on Facebook with a countdown till someone’s fucking wedding, I’m gonna fling myself off the nearest bridge. Fuck. Nothing makes me long for winter more than the surge of weddings from May to October. Fuck.

I’m bored with my life. Thank God Lucy isn’t busy till later. Annie and Trey better be free tonight. Fuck I need to get more friends in this fucking city.

Fucking hell I’m whiney.

Day 5 – Sunday

Yesterday went well. I met up with New Guy for a walk. It was fun. He was good. Then I went for coffee with Annie and Trey. I also spent a good portion of my evening texting with Shamus, again.

Today was relatively boring. I didn’t do much at all. New Guy did take me for ice cream tonight which was good, and we may hang out again this week. That means that in less than a week, we will have hung out 3 times. Huh. It’s been awhile since that has happened. *don’t read in to it Olivia, don’t read into it Olivia, don’t read in to it Olivia* Fuck.

Shamus is throwing a wrench into things. Our texts have gone from innocent “How’s life?” to serious flirting, and now, just as I meet someone cool, I am busy wondering what Shamus’s deal is. Does he just want to hook up? Does he want a relationship now? I mean, he lives in Riverview. So it’s like FWB all fucking over again. Mind you, I will be moving back eventually. So maybe there is something worth pursuing there….wait, stop!…what is with these guys?! Why do they come back in my life when I find someone else I could like?! Seriously, wat da fuq?! And seriously Olivia, you are no fucking better!!! What the actual fuck is the matter with you?! GAH!!

Day 6 – Monday

Mondays always suck. Today was not so bad, although I very narrowly missed being barfed on by one of the kids at work, and then later, kneeled in a small puddle of pee via one of the potty trainers in my room. You can’t win em all I guess. But my co-workers and I did have a water balloon fight in the afternoon, which really was more like toddler target practice. Now, don’t get me wrong, we didn’t pelt them with water balloons (although that would have be way more fun!) we just threw the balloons on the ground, and got all the kids soaked that way. Sometimes there are perks to having my job.

I did nothing else. I watched TV (I do that a lot evidently) and I showered and did my hair. I barely texted at all, although I got messages from both New Guy and Shamus earlier. Nothing has been cleared up in my brain for any of that, so I’m still processing.

Day 7 – Tuesday

Let’s see, what did I do today? Nothing. Nothing at all really. I felt like crap, so I called in sick to work. I slept, then I relaxed the rest of the day.

I texted with New Guy for quite a bit this afternoon, it was borderline flirtatious. Shamus texted when he was done work, also quite flirtatious. Also got direct messaged by my favorite tweeter. Being the attention whore I am, today, despite the sickness has been an alright day.

I’m reading over this week’s blog entry, and yes, I am the most boring person in the world. The fact that I ever have anything interesting to write is a bit surprising. Next week I might save you all from another horrendously boring entry. Besides, this weekend is a long weekend; Canada is celebrating its birthday on the 1st of July, so I will be out enjoying some Canadian festivities and fireworks, so yes, I may actually have something to write about the week after next. Probably not, but whatever.

Happy eventful week for the rest of you!